Patient Story

Yvonne's double hip and knee replacements

Yvonne was referred to Mr Shah for an orthopaedic assessment by her GP. For a long time, she had been experiencing pain in both legs around her lower thighs and knee joints. More recently, her discomfort had worsened, and she was unable to walk for more than five minutes at a time.

Mr Shah identified osteoarthritis in Yvonne’s hip joints, as well as medial compartment arthritis in both knee joints with varus and flexion deformity. X-rays of Yvonne’s hips and knees confirmed her diagnosis.

Yvonne would need two hip replacements and two knee replacements to treat her arthritis and relieve her symptoms. She was experiencing more pain in her left leg, so Mr Shah scheduled her left hip replacement first, followed by a left knee replacement, right hip replacement and, finally, a right knee replacement.

Yvonne’s operations were arranged 3–4 months apart to give her time to recuperate and minimise her risk of developing complications associated with multiple procedures.

Following her surgeries and rehabilitation, Yvonne has made incredible progress, and she’s now enjoying a more active lifestyle free from pain.







Three years on from my double hip and double knee replacements, thank you to you and your excellent team for giving me my life back. I am now able to continue doing the things in life that I enjoy including gardening, walking and days out with my family whilst now being pain-free. Whilst in your care, I felt that nothing was ever too much trouble and felt very safe and well cared for.

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