Cortisone injections

Cortisone injections deliver a powerful anti-inflammatory effect to ease stiff, painful and swollen joints.
  • Alleviate pain and stiffness fast
  • Feel the difference in just a few days
  • Enjoy long-lasting relief
Cortisone injections in Sussex

How cortisone injections can help

Cortisone injections can help to relieve the symptoms of arthritis, sports injuries and soft tissue injuries. Although cortisone can be very effective at reducing pain, it’s only a temporary measure and we will need to treat the underlying condition.


Cortisone injections can also be used as a diagnostic treatment to help identify the source of any pain

Feel results fast

Cortisone is a hormone that’s released into your bloodstream by the adrenal gland during periods of stress. It prepares your body for fight or flight.

Synthesised cortisone works as an anti-inflammatory and has a longer-lasting effect than natural cortisone. By injecting cortisone into joints affected by arthritis, we can successfully reduce pain and swelling.

You should notice an improvement within a few days and the effects of cortisone shots can last for weeks or even months.

The staff at Goring Hall were amazing

The staff at Goring Hall were amazing and they made me feel like I was staying in a 5-star hotel. The team were constantly ensuring that I felt comfortable and had what I needed.

What to expect during and after your injection

The procedure is very straightforward and usually takes just five minutes. To minimise any discomfort, you’ll be provided with a local anaesthetic at the same time as the cortisone. If we are treating your hip, your cortisone injection will be administered under X-ray control to make sure it’s positioned correctly.

After your injection, you’ll be able to resume daily activities straight away – just avoid strenuous activities for a day or two. Your pain could worsen temporarily but should quickly subside.

Cortisone injection costs

Cortisone injections typically cost around £400, which includes your appointment with Mr Shah, the injection fee and the hospital’s charges.

Consultation fee (new patients): £180–£230

Consultation fee (follow-up): £80–£100

Injection fee: £60–80 depending on the joint

BMI hospital fee: £95.50

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Frequently asked questions

What is cortisone?

Cortisone is a hormone that’s released into your bloodstream when you’re stressed. In large quantities, it can suppress your immune system’s inflammatory response. Synthesised cortisone is a powerful, longer-lasting form of natural cortisone.

Which conditions can cortisone injections treat?

Cortisone shots can be used to improve pain and inflammation caused by arthritis, sports injuries and soft tissue injuries. This treatment won’t tackle the source of your symptoms, but it will alleviate your discomfort while we treat the root cause. Mr Nirav Shah can also use cortisone injections as a diagnostic tool, to help identify […]

Will I be suitable?

Most people are good candidates for cortisone injections. You may not be suitable if you’ve had an allergic reaction to steroids previously; you’re pregnant, breast feeding or trying for a baby; or you have an infection. Mr Shah will consider your medical history and current medications before recommending this treatment.

How long will it take?

A cortisone injection is a very quick procedure that usually takes around 5–10 minutes.

Will I need an anaesthetic?

We can combine your cortisone injection with a local anaesthetic to minimise any discomfort during your treatment.

What are the side effects?

Side effects can include discomfort for a few days following your treatment; temporary bruising; flushing of the face; allergic reaction; infection; dimpling or discolouration around the injection site; increased blood sugar levels; and increased blood pressure. Mr Shah will go through all the relevant risks and side effects during your consultation.

Will I need to rest following my treatment?

You’ll be able to go home straight away and resume daily activities, including walking and driving. Just avoid any strenuous exercise for a couple of days.

How will I feel after the injection?

Your pain could get slightly worse for 2–3 days. This is completely normal and will quickly subside. Mr Shah will discuss your options for pain relief with you.

When will I notice an improvement?

Your symptoms should start to ease after a few days and continue to improve over the next week. The effects of the injection can last weeks or months – it varies from person to person.

Are the results temporary?

The effects of a cortisone injection are only temporary because we’re not treating the underlying condition. If your pain returns, we can retreat the same area. However, it’s more important to treat the source of your symptoms to achieve a long-lasting improvement.

How often can I have a cortisone injection?

You should wait at least six weeks between cortisone injections. In some cases, repeat injections may be recommended, for example when surgery isn’t an option.