Patient Story

Nick's partial knee replacement

Nick’s painful knee joint was having a significant impact on daily life when he visited Mr Shah for a consultation. He was suffering from arthritis because of an earlier operation to excise a torn meniscus. Over time, this had led to excessive wear and tear to the inner compartment of Nick’s knee.

The rest of Nick’s knee joint was in good condition, so he was an excellent candidate for a partial knee replacement. Following his operation, Nick has made excellent progress and regained full mobility of his knee.



Mr Shah completed a partial knee replacement on my right knee on 7 September 2018. Prior to this surgery I could walk for no longer than 15–20 minutes before the pain became too great and I would have to rest for 20 minutes or more.

After the operation, my mobility improved gradually and consistently over time. Following the exercises prescribed by the physiotherapist, within three months I was able to walk for 15–20 minutes. After six months I was able to walk for over 30 minutes without any discomfort. After 12 months I now have complete mobility and do not even notice, even on extended walks of over an hour, the operated knee.

The scar healed quickly and without any issues.

Patient stories

Louise’s double knee replacement

When Louise visited Mr Shah she was suffering from pain in both of her knee joints, which was having a big impact on almost every aspect of her life