Lesley B – hip replacement

Hip replacement case study

Lesley was referred to Mr Shah in 2018 after experiencing complications from a previous fracture.

In 2017, Lesley broke the neck of her femur (thigh bone) while skiing. Following the surgery to repair her fracture, Lesley developed avascular necrosis, a condition where the bone tissue dies from a loss of blood supply. Unfortunately, this is a side effect associated with Lesley’s type of fracture, and it affects approximately 30% of patients.

Mr Shah diagnosed avascular necrosis from an X-ray of Lesley’s hip. To repair her hip joint, he recommended a total hip replacement using a ceramic prosthesis.

Sadly, Lesley was unwell before her operation, so her surgery was delayed until the following year. During this time, Lesley’s muscles weakened, so her rehabilitation took slightly longer while she rebuilt her strength.

Within months, Lesley’s hard work paid off, and six months after her hip replacement, she was enjoying long walks on the South Downs.

Hip replacement X-ray before


Hip replacement X-ray after


“I had broken my hip in a skiing accident in March 2017 and had a dynamic hip screw fitted. I seemed to recover well, however a year later I started getting a lot of pain in my hip and was referred to Mr Shah in June 2018 with suspected avascular necrosis. Mr Shah confirmed that the bone had started to collapse and that I would need a total hip replacement but was very reassuring and took the time to answer all my anxious questions. However, the week before my operation was scheduled I became very ill and was not able to have my hip replacement until the following April, by which time I was extremely immobile and in a lot of pain.

The operation went well, my hip pain went immediately and the team at Goring Hall were incredibly supportive. Mr Shah said that due to the extended period I had been unable to walk properly it would take some time and hard work to get back to my normal activities.

Six weeks after the operation I was walking without crutches and able to drive again. I still had problems with a swollen knee from the operation but with additional exercises Mr Shah and the physio suggested everything repaired and 6 months on I was back to long walks on the downs. Yes, it was hard work and I did have days when I thought I wasn’t going to get such a good result and I really couldn’t imagine being able to run again.

It is now a year on, and I am delighted with the result being able to garden and go for long walks. I have even started running again, inspired by the 2.6 challenge to support the charities hit by the cancellation of the marathons due to Covid-19. I kicked off with 26 times around the garden, not quite a marathon but a good start and it’s got me going again. I don’t take it for granted but day-to-day I don’t think of the hip as being a replacement, it just feels like it always did.

Thank you, Mr Shah and your team, I am so grateful for getting back my old active life again.”

Lesley Bourke

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