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Louisa's hip replacement

Louisa was referred to Mr Shah in March 2015 with a painful left hip joint. She was suffering from secondary arthritis, which was the result of developmental dysplasia of her hip socket. This is a congenital condition where the ball and socket of the hip joint don’t form properly, resulting in a subluxation (an incomplete or partial dislocation).

Louisa was reluctant to undergo major joint replacement surgery, so Mr Shah initially treated her symptoms using cortisone injections, which provided temporary relief. Eventually, Louisa’s pain progressed to a point where she felt ready for surgery – and she hasn’t looked back.

Mr Shah carried out a total hip replacement in January 2018, using an uncemented hydroxyapatite-coated Evolution stem with a ceramic-on-ceramic bearing. During the operation, he reconstructed Louisa’s hip socket as well as the surrounding muscles. She’s since made a triumphant return to her active lifestyle and even picked up some new hobbies. This video was filmed following Louisa’s surgery. You can see how Louisa continues to improve on Instagram.

Louisa's hip replacement case study
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I came to see Mr Shah after being referred by my GP for chronic hip pain and stiffness in my groin which was starting to affect my everyday life, walking the dogs etc.

Mr Shah quickly established that I needed to have my left hip replaced. I decided that I wasn’t ready yet to have the operation as I was not confident that I would still be able to keep up with my gym work and primarily my love of Olympic lifting post-op!

I persevered with the pain and had a couple of steroid injections over the next couple of years and worked hard with a physio to build my strength to give me the best possible outcome post op. Eventually, the pain was so debilitating I had to bite the bullet and schedule the operation. I could only hope that I would wonder why I hadn’t done it sooner and it would be the best thing I ever did.

Fast forward just over a year and I am amazed and blown away with how this has changed my life. Not only am I back in the gym stronger and more mobile than before my op I am moving so much better and even horse riding and pole dancing! Mr Shah has given me my life back – I can’t ask for much more than that!

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