Patient Story

Mervyn's hip replacement

Mervyn was referred to Mr Shah with advanced osteoarthritis in his right hip joint. This was causing him considerable pain and restricting everyday activities such as getting dressed in the morning and getting in and out of the car.

To relieve Mervyn of his symptoms and restore his independence, Mr Shah carried out a total hip replacement using a ceramic-on-ceramic implant. Just weeks after his operation, Mervyn was already walking without a stick and has continued to make excellent progress.

Mervyn's hip replacement case study



I have just experienced the transformation that comes with having a hip replacement – thank you Mr Shah. Before, I was suffering from constant back pain (initially misdiagnosed a number of times over years as weak core muscles) and an extremely painful hip that finally reached the stage of making the leg just switch off with pain. This caused me to lose balance walking down stairs, up slopes or across roads, falling heavily about twice a week. Also, I was unable to sleep through the night because of the pain.

Since the operation, I have followed the exercise regime diligently and the speed of recovery far exceeded my expectations. After three and a half weeks I was able to visit a restaurant without a stick, walking a distance of two miles. After eight weeks, I was able to ride a mountain bike, climb ladders carrying fairly heavy items and lead a normal life once again. I have neither lost my balance nor fallen at all since the operation. All this is pain-free, both hip and back.

I am confident that I can return to skiing this coming season although as a 70-year-old maybe I shall avoid actively seeking out mogul fields. Should my other hip (which apparently has mild to moderate arthritis) deteriorate I shall have no hesitation in contacting Mr Shah to see if he can work the same magic on my left side. I do not want to go through the years of pain and restricted lifestyle again, now I know the improvements that can be gained from the care of Mr Shah and his team.

Mervyn's hip replacement

Three years later

Well more than three years have passed since my hip operation, and all appears to be going well.

Maybe it is tempting fate to say it, but I have not lost my balance nor fallen even once, a very common occurrence before the operation.

Life has been able to return to normal in both leisure and ‘working’. Skiing is as enjoyable as it ever was, apart from this year’s lockdown of course. DIY projects are once more sustainable. I just have to remember not to jump off the last few rungs of a ladder or climb over low walls.

I have kept up with the advised exercise routine while I am at home and take daily walks of a couple of miles. I am sure that these have helped. It is so nice to be able to turn over in bed now without extreme pain. Simple things count for a lot in the quality of life.

For all this, I thank Mr Shah and his team for giving me back control over my life.

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