Patient Story

Wendy's hip arthroscopy

Wendy had been experiencing hip and groin pain with restricted movement for over two years when she was finally referred to Mr Nirav Shah. Despite her discomfort, and the impact it was having on her active lifestyle, Wendy’s doctors had been unable to identify the source of Wendy’s symptoms.

Mr Shah carried out a thorough assessment and was quickly able to diagnose a hip impingement. Over time, Wendy’s labrum (cartilage in the hip joint) had calcified, which had created friction in her joint, leading to a stiff and painful hip. 

To repair Wendy’s hip, Mr Shah carried out arthroscopy (also known as keyhole surgery). He restored and smoothed Wendy’s labrum and slightly widened her hip socket. Following her surgery, Wendy already has her full range of movement back. This September, she’ll be taking part in a 26-mile walk to raise funds for St Barnabus House.

As a keen member and training coach for a local triathlon club, my hip pain had become a significant burden, stopping me enjoying the sports that I loved so much. Day to day activities like sitting and driving were also causing me pain. Physiotherapy had not helped my problem and my X-ray and MRI had not led to any further referrals for help. With persistence I managed to get a referral to see Mr Shah. By this time, I had been experiencing significant hip pain for over two and a half years.

My first appointment with Mr Shah was such a relief. He took time listening to my problem and was the first person I had seen who acknowledged the pain I had been experiencing and gave me hope that he could rectify my situation.

Mr Shah looked at my medical history, MRI and X-ray and after examining my posture and restricted movement was able to diagnose a hip impingement. After further diagnostics, I was booked for a hip arthroscopy. The procedure was clearly explained to both me and my husband and I felt confident that I was in good hands!

I had an area of torn labrum debrided and the bone of the socket joint, which was causing the impingement widened.

I now have the full range of movement back in my hip and am hopeful that when I have taken more time for rest and rehabilitation that I will be able to return to all my usual activities.

Along with a friend, who has also had hip surgery under Mr Shah, I plan to take part in the St Barnabus House charity marathon distance walk in September this year.

Thank you Mr Shah!

September 2020

Well done to Wendy for successfully completing the South Down’s Trek for St Barnabus House! What a fantastic achievement.

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