Patient Story

Susan's complex muscle surgery

In 2013, Susan had a hip replacement carried out by another orthopaedic surgeon, which unfortunately didn’t go to plan. Within a few months of her operation, Susan required a revision hip replacement, and even then she was left with persistent pain and a limp.

Susan was told that little could be done to help her symptoms and to persevere with exercise and physiotherapy – neither of which provided much improvement. After suffering for three years, Susan was eventually referred to Mr Shah by a colleague in June 2016. Following a thorough examination, he quickly diagnosed a ruptured muscle around her hip replacement, which was responsible for her continued pain.

In January 2017, Mr Shah carried out complex muscle surgery to repair Susan’s damaged tissue. The operation, which required one overnight stay, went to plan and just weeks later Susan was free from pain and delighted with her results.

In December 2015, I was suffering from serious pain in my right hip. I had had a hip replacement in February 2013, followed by a revision in June 2013, but the outcome was never satisfactory.

The Musculoskeletal Assessment Centre referred me to the orthopaedic department at Goring Hall Hospital. I was then very fortunate to be put in the care of Mr Nirav Shah, who quickly diagnosed my problem.

He operated in January 2017. It is now March 2017 and instead of hobbling very slowly in a lot of pain to the local shop and post box, I now walk freely and stand straight, free from pain. I still work at my exercises to strengthen the muscles.

Patient stories

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