Patient Story

Kristina's hip replacement

Kristina was referred to Mr Shah for a consultation by her GP. She had been experiencing pain around her left hip, which was affecting her ability to walk long distances and take part in much-loved activities such as Zumba and aerobic classes.

Kristina’s symptoms were the result of moderate to severe arthritis in her left hip joint. Mr Shah discussed the option of arthroscopy (keyhole surgery) with Kristina, but the potential benefits would be limited given the extent of the damage to her hip joint. A total hip replacement was therefore Kristina’s best option for a noticeable improvement. Following the operation, she has made excellent progress aided by her own determination.

Kristina's hip replacement case study



Mr Shah and all his team dealt with me in a very professional and respectful manner. He knew I was nervous about the procedure, yet at no time did I feel he belittled my questions and fears. I was most impressed with his openness and willingness to share the details of my specific procedure with the physiotherapist who worked with me to prepare for my operation.

The operation appears to have been a great success. I left hospital using only one walking stick and was walking a mile in the first week. Following his advice, I carried out the prescribed exercises, so that by the time I saw Mr Shah for the post operation review (week six), I was able to walk four miles without sticks, on mixed terrain.

I am now enjoying regaining my flexibility and returning to the active lifestyle I love. I believe this is jointly due to my determination and commitment to regain and maintain my fitness and to the skill and care of Mr Shah and his team.

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