Patient Story

Ruth's double hip replacement

Ruth was experiencing pain in both of her hip joints when she first visited Mr Shah for a consultation.

Following a thorough examination Ruth was diagnosed with congenital hip dysplasia, a condition that had been present since birth, which had now caused the early onset of osteoarthritis. Ruth’s symptoms included pain and weakness, which were having a substantial impact on her favorite pastimes as well as daily living.

Sometimes it is possible to salvage the hip joint via keyhole surgery, but unfortunately Ruth’s case was too advanced and the only solution was a double hip replacement and reconstruction of her hip sockets.

As you’ll gather from Ruth’s testimonial, she has made fantastic progress following her hip replacements and is once again enjoying an active lifestyle.

Ruth's hip replacement case study



In hindsight, I had always been aware that there was something ‘not quite right’ with both my hips as I had intermittently experienced transient sharp pain in my hips for most of my adult life. However, this had never stopped me doing anything in terms of sports and activities so I ignored it!

Fast forward a few years – working as a qualified physiotherapist and also a busy mum of two young children – I was aware that the pain in both hips was starting to escalate to the point where it was getting in the way of life. I had to stop sports, running and my much-loved kettlebell classes as the pain was just too severe – at one point I had to stop driving because my left hip was so weak that I could not operate the clutch pedal!

Enough was enough.

I researched my symptoms and was pretty sure I knew what the problem was. I then researched orthopaedic consultants in my area who had expertise in this particular field – Mr Shah’s name kept cropping up. I printed off his details and went to see my GP for a referral. Not too long afterwards I had my first meeting with Mr Shah – he organised for me to have all the relevant scans and then we met again to discuss the outcome.

He confirmed that I had congenital hip dysplasia affecting both hip joints and that I had significant osteoarthritis as a result. Even though professionally I knew what was going on it was still quite a shock to hear that I would need both hips replaced within the next few months. I was in my early forties! However, Mr Shah’s professional, approachable and kind manner meant that I was quickly put at ease.

I had both hips replaced over a period of a couple of years and can honestly say I have not looked back. Mr Shah did a brilliant job. I have resumed all the sports activities I enjoy, have completed a 26 mile charity hike, regularly cycle and walk with the family and am booked to complete my first Tough Mudder challenge in September 2017.

I will always be grateful for the expert surgery and kind support that Mr Shah has given me. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

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