Patient Story

Jo's hip replacement

As a Pilates instructor with a love of dance and trekking, Jo was dismayed when she began to experience pain in her right hip. Jo tried various measures to manage and alleviate her pain, but they provided little respite.
Eventually she was referred to Mr Nirav Shah, at which point she was in extreme pain and concerned about her livelihood. Mr Shah recommended arthroscopy – keyhole surgery – to examine and treat Jo’s hip. This was the least invasive surgical option available, which offered the best chance of salvaging Jo’s natural hip joint, which was a priority given her young age.

Following this procedure it was clear that Jo’s case required further major surgical intervention, and in April 2013 Jo underwent a total hip replacement. Following an initially difficult recovery Jo has gone from strength-to-strength and is now more active than ever before.

Jo's hip replacement case study

18 months down the line, I cannot express strongly enough how delighted and relieved I am with my levels of physical fitness. I honestly haven’t felt so fit, energetic and strong for years. I have the ability to demonstrate strength and flexibility in my Pilates classes, attend Yoga sessions, hike for many miles and dance for hours. It’s amazing and so exciting – I have my life back!

This year I am off trekking in Southern India, undertaking a Yoga training course, enjoying a contemporary dance course and being a full-on active and fun Grandma of two lively girls – I find myself laughing out loud at the sheer joy of it all.

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