Patient Story

Christine's double hip replacement

Christine was suffering from severe arthritis in her left hip when she came to see Mr Shah in 2013. Because of the extensive damage to her joint, Christine’s best option for a complete recovery was a total hip replacement.
This would involve replacing Christine’s damaged hip joint with a ceramic bearing prosthesis to relieve her discomfort and improve her mobility. Mr Shah carried out the procedure using a less invasive technique, the benefits of which include a smaller scar, less muscle damage and a faster recovery.
Christine had an excellent outcome following her hip replacement carried out by Mr Shah, so when she began to experience pain in her right hip some years later, she returned for a diagnosis. Following a thorough examination, he again identified arthritis as the cause of her symptoms and recommended a total hip replacement.
This time, thanks to advancements in hip replacements, Mr Shah used a minimally invasive technique as well as a shorter prosthesis to further reduce any soft tissue damage and speed up Christine’s rehabilitation.
Just weeks after her operation, Christine was already reaping the rewards of her new hip and she continues to make excellent progress.
Christine's hip replacement case study



After suffering from excruciating pain in my left hip, seven years and bottles of pain medication later I took myself off to my GP and requested a consultation with Mr Shah. I had my operation on 27th September 2013 and this was a complete success.

Approximately eight weeks post-surgery my right hip started giving me pain. I again waited nearly four years (I do not know how) hoping it would go away but of course it did not and in the end I could only walk with the aid of a rollator.

On the 9th June 2017, I had my right hip replaced by Mr Shah. Again, the operation was very successful. Fast forward six weeks and I was walking totally unaided and am pain free.

I should add I held off seeking medical help for so long because I had never been in hospital before and am an extremely anxious person. I cannot emphasise enough how good I am feeling right now. Totally liberated, I have strong drive and energy and my life has been totally transformed.

As well as being an outstanding dedicated consultant, Mr Shah is also very caring. He put me at total ease and I cannot thank him enough for giving me my life back.

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