Patient Story

Brenda's revision hip replacement

Brenda was experiencing pain from osteoarthritis when she was referred to Mr Shah by her GP. She had previously undergone a hip replacement for arthritis on her right side, and now, 12 years later, her left hip joint needed replacing as a result of her condition.
Brenda made an excellent recovery following her operation, and quickly returned to a pain-free, active lifestyle. However, her earlier hip replacement was now more than a decade old and beginning to deteriorate, causing a discrepancy between the length of Brenda’s legs. Brenda’s worn-out hip replacement needed replacing, and a year later she returned to Goring Hall Hospital for revision hip surgery. The stem from her previous operation was still securely bonded, so Mr Shah was able to leave this in place and just change the worn-out ball and socket. Four weeks after her operation, Brenda was free from pain and walking without support.
Brenda's hip replacement case study



12 years ago I had my first right hip replacement at Goring Hall Hospital. I was only 47 at the time and I was in a lot of pain. With great results I was very pleased with Goring Hall and all the staff. In December 2015 I had to have another hip replacement on my left side. I asked my GP if I could be referred back to Goring Hall as I was so pleased with my first one. This time I was referred to Mr Shah, a very nice consultant who is very easy to talk to. He replaced my hip and I was once again pain free and back green bowling in the April which I love playing all summer. Mr Shah told me that I would need a revision on my right hip when I has recovered from the left side. This was carried out in December 2017. I must admit I was a little uncertain about having it done as revisions can sometimes take longer to recover from, but I am very pleased with result. After four weeks I was feeling good, walking with no sticks and able to drive small distances. I would like to say the care I received from Mr Shah and all the team at Goring Hall was fantastic, no complaints at all. Thank you for my new pain free hips. I cannot wait for bowling season again.

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