Keeping you safe during the COVID-19 pandemic

For the last four months, hip and knee surgeries have been suspended because of the COVID-19 situation. This has been a difficult and uncertain time for many of our patients. We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding.

We are delighted to now be rescheduling operations and will endeavour to see everyone as soon as we safely can.

Minimising your risk of catching COVID-19

We are working hard to minimise your risk of catching COVID-19 during your hospital stay. Measures have been put in place to protect patients, staff and the wider community.

Dedicated hospitals

The NHS is utilising independent hospitals, including BMI Goring Hall and Nuffield Health Brighton, as an extension of the trust. These hospitals are deemed ‘COVID-safer hospitals’ for elective surgery.

If you need to stay overnight, you’ll be allocated a single room.

Isolation and testing

We’ll take a swab test for COVID-19 a few days before your surgery. Following your test, you’ll need to self-isolate while we wait for your results. You’ll also be asked to isolate after your surgery.

If you have a greater risk of contracting COVID-19, you may be advised to isolate for 14 days prior to your operation. When you visit the hospital, your access will be fast-tracked to minimise your waiting time and contact with others.

Temperature checks

Anyone entering the hospital will have their temperature checked to ensure it’s within the normal range (below 37.8°C).

Enhanced hygiene

Our cleaning standards were already exemplary, but you’ll notice extra PPE and infection control throughout the hospital. Rest assured, they are still our friendly faces behind the masks.

Car parking

To reduce the use of public transport, Goring Hall Hospital has an on-site car park with screening stations available to patients.

Face masks

You’ll need to wear a face mask before entering the hospital, and please make use of the hand sanitiser provided. Social distancing should be maintained throughout the building.

Friends and family

Unfortunately, visitors and companions are only allowed in exceptional circumstances. If you have any concerns about attending alone, please get in touch.

COVID-19 and complications

Like everyone, we’re personally invested in reducing the spread of COVID-19. It’s even more critical to protect our patients before, during and after surgery.

If you develop COVID-19 following your operation, it can increase your risk of complications during your recovery.

If you fall into a high-risk group, we may recommend waiting for your surgery. We will always balance this advice against the risk of delaying your operation.

If you have any questions about your surgery or safety, please don’t hesitate to contact Mr Shah’s secretary in the first instance.

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