Chris – hip replacement

Mr Chris Arnold was suffering from early onset secondary osteoarthritis in his left hip when he was referred to Mr Shah in 2015. His condition was caused by a tilted pelvis and a developmental abnormality in his hip socket.

Chris had already tried various treatments such as physiotherapy, but they had provided little relief. As a devoted dancer, Chris’ condition was having a big impact on his favourite pastime and more proactive treatment was next logical step.

Chris underwent a total hip replacement in November 2015. To make sure that he could continue to enjoy an active lifestyle after the procedure, Mr Shah used a ceramic-on-ceramic big ball implant, as well as a technique and surgical approach that would minimise any future risk of dislocation.

Following his operation Chris made excellent progress and was back on the dance floor within just a couple of months.

Hip X-ray




“Being keen dancers, Ballroom, Latin and Rock ‘n Roll Jive, my wife and I are very grateful to Mr Shah for giving me back the pain free mobility of my earlier years enabling us to continue to pursue the hobby we enjoy so much. Mr Shah thank you very much.”

Chris Arnold

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