Brian – revision knee replacement

Brian was initially referred to Mr Shah for help with pain and stiffness in his right hip and left knee. He had previously had his right knee joint replaced, but the operation did not go as planned and Brian’s knee was left stiff and painful. Despite not being satisfied with the outcome of his operation, Brian was told that nothing could be done to improve the situation.

Mr Shah carried out both a hip replacement and knee replacement to help Brian’s right hip and left knee, respectively. Following a period of recovery – and an excellent outcome – Mr Shah then investigated Brian’s problematic right knee. He recommended a revision knee replacement, to help improve Brian’s discomfort and movement. Following the revision (re-do) operation of his right knee replacement, Brian has had an excellent result and is delighted with his new knee.

Knee x-ray before revision replacement


Knee x-ray after revision replacement



“About 13 years ago I had my right knee replaced by another surgeon. This did not work and my leg would not bend from the knee. About five years ago, I was taken on by Mr Shah because the knee had affected my right hip and left knee because of the way I as walking. Mr Shah replaced both of these which all went well. Then last year he said he would revisit my right knee. He replaced the replacement which went very well and I’m able to walk easier and my leg now bends. Well done. We also introduced our son to Mr Shah and he has replaced his hip.”

Brian Oakley

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