Louisa M – hip replacement

Louisa had been suffering from bilateral hip pain for more than five years when her GP referred her to Mr Shah in 2019. Over time her pain had been getting worse, particularly around her right hip. It was now affecting Louisa’s active lifestyle and her ability to get a restful night’s sleep.

Louisa’s GP referred her to Mr Shah at Goring Hall Hospital, where he carried out a thorough clinical assessment. Rotating or lifting Louisa’s leg past a certain point caused her discomfort, and an X-ray confirmed moderate osteoarthritis associated with a pelvic tilt.

Louisa was already under the care of a physiotherapist and chiropractor, but unfortunately, conservative treatments were unlikely to help in the long term. Mr Shah recommended a hip replacement to significantly improve Louisa’s symptoms.

Louisa chose to go ahead with a hip replacement on her right side, and one year on she is thrilled with the outcome.

Hip replacement X-ray before


Hip replacement X-ray before


“I had been ’managing’ my hip pain for 5 years when I was referred to Mr Shah. I was impressed by his calm, kind and matter of fact assessment of my condition. I could either continue ‘managing’ the pain with less invasive operations or I could replace it with one that actually works and get my life back. To most people, it was not obvious that I had issues and friends would say that, at 52, I was too young.

Mr Shah’s testimonials page convinced me – it doesn’t matter how old you are but the quality of life you want. I now have a ‘hip for life’ and I ride, hike, play tennis and am generally fitter than I was before. When I need the other hip done – I won’t wait as long.”

Louisa Milne

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