Karin – hip arthroscopy

Hip arthroscopy case study

Karin was referred to Mr Shah by her physiotherapist after she began suffering from pain around her hip joints. The diagnosis was a laberal tear, which was the result of a tilted pelvis, which had caused Karin’s femur to catch on her hip socket.

A cortisone injection initially helped to relieve Karin’s symptoms, but this is a temporary measure, and for longer-term relief, Mr Shah recommended arthroscopy – commonly referred to as keyhole surgery.

Since the procedure, Karin’s condition has significantly improved and she has returned to her energetic lifestyle as a yoga instructor.

“After experiencing pain both day and night, seemingly without any specific aggravating factors, it was a great relief to meet Mr Shah, who within a short time diagnosed where the pain was coming from and what the problem was. After X-rays and MRI scans we agreed that I should try to have injections in both hips, which I was every reluctant towards, as I have never taken any medicine, been seriously sick or had any operations in my entire life. Besides teaching yoga, I am a very active person who enjoys many outdoor activities and bikes everywhere. Strong hip pain really put most of my beloved activities on hold.

As the injections only released me from pain for six weeks, we had to move onto the next procedure: arthroscopy. This was too big a step for me at the time. For the following six months I tried alternative homeopathic medicine and exercises with the physio to avoid an operation, but the pain did not disappear. At the end, I had no choice but to go for the operation, which went really well and was a smooth process. The staff at Goring Hall were amazing and they made me feel like I was staying in a 5-star hotel. The team were constantly ensuring that I felt comfortable and had what I needed.

During the whole process, Mr Shah has always been very clear and precise in his evaluations and information towards what to expect and how we could proceed with the next step. He has never pushed for any decision and always gave me time to think and evaluate the situation. He is the most polite, pleasant and trustworthy doctor I have met. I would highly recommend him to anyone who has any problems with their hips or are worried about having a hip operation.

Today, six months later I am teaching yoga five times a week, biking everywhere and enjoying walks on the South Downs. I know that at some stage in the future I will have to have a hip replacement, but based on my positive experience with Mr Shah that no longer worries me.”
Karin Fast

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