Zandra – hip and knee replacement

Zandra first visited Mr Shah after she began suffering from pain around the outside of her hip and thigh area. She had already been treated for trochanteric bursitis by another surgeon and was referred to Mr Shah for a second opinion.

A thorough examination including an MRI scan identified a tear in Zandra’s gluteous medius and arthritis of the hip joint. A diagnostic cortisone injection provided some relief from Zandra’s symptoms, confirming this diagnosis. For a longer-term solution, Mr Shah carried out a total hip replacement and repaired Zandra’s damaged muscle. She had originally been referred as an NHS patient but opted for private treatment to avoid a long waiting list.

In 2016, Zandra was referred to Mr Shah again for pain in her knee through the NHS’ Choose and Book initiative. Mr Shah diagnosed arthritis of the knee joint and in February 2017 Zandra underwent a total knee replacement. She has since made excellent progress.

Hip replacement X-ray after

hip post surgery

Knee replacement X-ray after

knee post surgery


“I would like to thank Mr Shah for the improvement he has made to my mobility. I had a hip replacement in November 2015, and the recovery time was quicker than I expected. No problems with the operation, also great care by all.

In February 2017 Mr Shah again operated on me to replace a knee, Again very pleased with the operation and care. I am making a fast recovery and hope to be back on the golf course in June. A massive thank you to Mr Shah.”

Zandra Manders

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