Louise – double knee replacement

LSWhen Louise visited Mr Shah she was suffering from pain in both of her knee joints. This was having a big impact on almost every aspect of her life, affecting her ability to walk and sleep. Before being referred to Mr Shah for a surgical opinion, Louise tried less invasive solutions such as medication and physiotherapy, but unfortunately they did little to improve her condition.

After a thorough examination, Mr Shah diagnosed arthritis and a valgus deformity of both knees, which was causing both knee joints to twist outwards. This was causing constant pain and inflammation, and at times Louise’s knees would lock or give way.

To treat her condition, and relieve Louise of her symptoms, Mr Shah carried out a staged bi-lateral knee replacement, replacing both knee joints several months apart. Since her operation, Louise has made excellent progress and not only is she now walking, but she is even trekking up mountains.

Knee replacement X-ray before


Knee replacement X-ray after



“Over the course of five years my knees had degenerated to such a point that I could hardly walk. I was going to have to give up my job as a childminder, which I love, as I could not safely look after the children. I was told I was going to need both knees replacing.

After being referred to Mr Shah he agreed to replace both knees, three months apart. At the time it seemed a long recovery period, but now 18 months later my level of fitness has improved so much that I am taking part in a sponsored trek in Morocco next June. This is to raise funds for the charity Mind who were very supportive of my brother who sadly passed away this year.

Many thanks to Mr Shah and his team for greatly improving my quality of life, through my successful knee replacements.”

Louise Stanley

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