Trevor – double hip replacement

Ceramic hip replacement case studyWhen Trevor was referred to Mr Shah he’d been suffering from back and leg pain for over 10 years and he had begun to walk with a stooping forward gait. Physiotherapy sessions and other types of non-surgical intervention had unfortunately done little to improve his symptoms.

Trevor’s posture suggested that a hip deformity was the underlying cause, and following an examination Mr Shah identified arthritis of both hip joints. Since less invasive solutions had proved unsuccessful at relieving Trevor’s discomfort Mr Shah recommended staged bilateral total hip replacements.

Carrying out two hip replacements as one procedure has an increased risk of complications such as a heart attack, stroke, kidney failure or a blood clot that can travel into the heart or brain. So with this in mind, Trevor’s more painful and damaged left hip was operated on first and six months later he returned for his second hip replacement.

As a result of his longstanding condition, Trevor’s pelvis was tilted forward, affecting the position of his hip sockets. To avoid an increased risk of dislocation, Trevor’s sockets were reconstructed appropriately by Mr Shah to provide a secure base for his new prostheses.

Just a few months after his second operation, Trevor’s symptoms have dramatically improved and he’s now standing tall.

Hip replacement X-ray before


Hip replacement X-ray after



“I suffered back pain for years. I walked with a stoop and could not walk far without resting. I believed little could be done for back pain. I visited my G.P. for a different problem and mentioned the back pain and she suggested self-referral to the physiotherapy department. I was directed to the musculoskeletal clinic and referred on to Mr Shah. To my surprise I was diagnosed with two arthritic hips and a total hip replacement was recommended.

I had my left hip replaced in December 2015 and my right hip replaced in June 2016. Recovery time was surprisingly quick with little pain. I now feel three inches taller I stand upright I can bend much easier and I can walk forever. Life is good! Many thanks to Mr Shah and his team.”

Trevor Martin

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