Julie – hip replacement

When Julie was referred to Mr Shah, she had been experiencing pain in her right hip for more than two years. She was initially prescribed physiotherapy and cortisone injections, but they offered little relief. To make matters worse, Julie then experienced a sudden deterioration of her hip, resulting in the collapse of the head of her femur.

She was unable to put any weight on her hip and needed a semi-urgent hip replacement to resolve her pain. Within six weeks of her first visit, Mr Shah carried out a total hip replacement, using a ceramic-on-ceramic bearing surface with an uncemented prosthesis. Julie has made excellent progress following her hip replacement, and just six weeks later she returned to daily activities such as walking and driving.

Hip replacement X-ray before


Hip replacement X-ray after



“I taught in South East London for 35 years and five years ago came back to my family roots in Sussex to ‘slow down’ and take up supply teaching. Standing in the classroom was causing me painful back ache.

The pain gradually became worse, unfortunately for me the X-rays I’d had taken only suggested arthritis appropriate to my age! I was sent to physiotherapy sessions, which helped the back but not my hip area.

Being referred to a muscular skeletal clinic, it was here that my X-rays were looked at more closely and I was told I definitely had arthritis in my right hip. I was initially treated with cortisone injections. These were not very useful. All the time I was taking prescribed pain relief to get me through my day.

It was at the end of September 2016, whilst demonstrating a particular cookery technique to a pupil that I felt my hip give way.

I contacted my GP as I was in absolute agony, he then arranged for me to have an MRI rather than an X-ray.

This was when I first met Mr Shah. At this first consultation Mr Shah put me at ease with his professional and direct manner. He explained that my hip had collapsed and was now positioned against my pelvis causing my right leg to be shorter than my left leg. At this point I was walking with a dreadful limp – when I could walk! I was unable to do anything about the house and unable to get in my bath for a shower. Driving was totally out of the question.

Mr Shah has been absolutely wonderful throughout the whole of my hip replacement procedure. He answered all of the questions I posed and totally informed me about the operation.

I had my right hip replaced on January 24th 2017, Mr Shah was there when I woke up from the operation. I was able to tell him immediately that I knew that he had straightened my legs out! (2 inches). The pain from my hip had gone too.

I shall always be grateful to Mr Shah. He has given me my life back. It is now six weeks on and I am walking well, I can have a shower and I’m able to drive again. His post-operative advice will also help me to take care of my new hip, which I intend to do for all the care Mr Shah took with me.

Thank you so very much Mr Shah.”

Julie Hill

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