Lynne – hip replacement

Lynne was suffering from considerable pain in her left hip by the time she was referred to Mr Shah for a surgical opinion in 2015. Severe osteoarthritis meant she was in constant pain and everyday activities such as walking and standing had become difficult – even sleep provided little respite.

Physiotherapy, analgesics and anti-inflammatories were having little effect and so surgery was decided upon as the best course of action for Lynne. Her arthritis, unfortunately, was too severe for a less invasive measure such as arthroscopy and consequently Mr Shah recommended a total hip replacement.

The procedure was carried out using a ceramic-on-ceramic implant with a larger than usual ball and socket – helping to reduce the risk of dislocation.

Six weeks after her operation Lynne was pain free and starting to enjoy all the activities many people take for granted. And more than one year on she continues to enjoy all the benefits of her restored hip joint.

Hip X-ray




“By the time my referral reached Mr Shah I was in considerable pain and could only walk a few paces with support. Apart from being a highly skilled surgeon he is a kind and approachable man and who was around every day during my recovery.

He was supported by a strong nursing and physio team who all spoke well of him. He reviewed my case after a year and signed me off as all is very satisfactory – I’m dancing, walking, gardening and doing exercise classes. I cannot speak highly enough of him, am most grateful for what he did for me and would most certainly seek him out should the need arise in the future.”Lynne Daniel

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