Peter – hip replacement

Ceramic hip replacement case studyPeter was referred to Worthing Hospital by his GP after seeking help for worsening pain in his back and leg. X-rays revealed that Peter’s pain was actually caused by his hip and he was quickly referred to Mr Shah for an orthopaedic consultation.

Following a comprehensive examination Mr Shah diagnosed arthritis of the hip joint. It was the back of Peter’s hip socket that was worst affected, which is why he was only experiencing pain behind his hip joint and not around the front of the hip or groin.

To treat Peter’s symptoms, Mr Shah carried out a total hip replacement using a ceramic-on-ceramic implant. As a result of the procedure, Peter was able to achieve a better range of movement, which in turn reduced the pressure on his sacroiliac joint – helping to relieve his back and leg pain.

Hip replacement X-ray before


Hip replacement X-ray after



“I had been attending the Rheumatology Dept at Shoreham (after my sciatica and backache worsened) for about 2 years under the care of physiotherapists, who sent me for a scan on my back and who finally recommended a spinal injection.

When this did not help, I returned to my GP who prescribed painkillers and referred me to the Pain Clinic, which turned out to be my old friend, the Rheumatology Dept, but this time at Worthing Hospital.

After examination, seeing my movements were limited, I was sent straight away to the X-ray Dept for an X-ray of both hips, eventually being referred to Mr. Shah. At this point I couldn’t stand up straight or walk more than a few yards.

I am truly amazed at the improvement to my life after my total hip replacement – I am now back to cycling off-road regularly and can handle a 25-mile hard ride comfortably. For the last 3 months I have been sea swimming almost every day, swimming approximately half a mile. All thanks to Mr Shah.”
Peter Mowlem

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