Brenda – double knee replacement

When Brenda was referred to Mr Shah she was unable to straighten her legs properly, which was affecting her ability to walk. Over the years, pain from osteoarthritis had made it uncomfortable for Brenda to lock her knees and by avoiding this movement her hamstrings had shortened, further compounding the problem.

The solution was a double knee replacement, prioritising Brenda’s left knee, which was more severely affected. A few months later, Brenda returned for surgery on her right knee. She has since made excellent progress and is now pain free with a full range of motion.

Hip X-ray


Hip replacement X-ray


“I am 66 years old and after suffering pain in both knees and really limited mobility for years, I was on medication for the arthritic pain in my knees which in turn caused problems with my stomach, so more medication for that – my life was a misery.

Then, in November 2016, Mr Shah replaced my left knee, followed by the right one in April 2017. The difference is remarkable, I can walk for miles with my dog and even dance. He has given me my life back and I can’t thank him enough. Both operations went well and I was up within hours I was very thorough with my exercises and felt it paid off as I was walking without any aids within three weeks after both operations.

Now almost a year after my first operation and six months after the second, I have full mobility and no pain. It was definitely worth doing and I would recommend it to anyone suffering joint pain. My life is no longer a misery but an adventure and I can do anything I want to do.”Brenda Whiting

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