Revision surgery

Revision surgery treatment Sussex

What is revision surgery?

Hip and knee replacements are lasting longer than ever before, thanks to better materials, new techniques and better aftercare. Unfortunately though, most implants will only last for 10-20 years, and will need replacing within your lifetime.

This procedure is known as revision surgery. Mr Nirav Shah is very experienced in performing revision hip and revision knee surgery, which both require more skill and expertise than a straightforward hip or knee replacement.

During the procedure, Mr Shah will need to carefully remove your existing prosthesis before fitting a new implant. Sometimes your implant will have become loose and will be relatively easy to remove. But in some cases it can prove more difficult, and any damage made to the surrounding bone will need to be repaired.

You might find that it takes you slightly longer to recover from revision surgery, but with some physiotherapy and perseverance, your new joint should give you the same freedom and independence as your original replacement.

If you’d like to find out more about revision surgery, please call us on 01903 707373, or send us a message using our online contact form.

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