Ceramic-on-ceramic hip replacement

Ceramic hip replacement Sussex

What is a ceramic-on-ceramic hip replacement?

Now that we are providing hip replacements to patients in their 20s, 30s and 40s, it’s important for them to withstand an active lifestyle and the test of time without fear of dislocation. Traditional implants, which consist of a metal ball and a plastic socket, wear out slowly over time as the metal rubs against the plastic.

Eventually, after 10-20 years, your hip replacement will become loose and need replacing. Hip revision surgery is a complex procedure, and if you have a hip replacement at a young age you may need a revision during your lifetime.

To potentially avoid hip revision surgery, we can now use ceramic hip replacements. A ceramic-on-ceramic prosthesis creates less friction and a lower wear rate, resulting in a longer-lasting implant. We can also use a more affordable ceramic-on-plastic prosthesis, which is still longer lasting than metal-on-plastic.

Is a ceramic-on-ceramic hip replacement right for you?

Ceramic-on-ceramic hip replacements are usually only available on a private basis. Because they’re designed to be long lasting, ceramic-on-ceramic hip replacements are ideal if you want to continue an active lifestyle without the worry of your prosthesis wearing out.

The combination of a ceramic-on-ceramic bearing surface and a big ball implant will allow you the range of movement to take part in most activities, including running, yoga and swimming.

Big ball ceramic hip replacements usually require more bone for a good outcome, so the extent of your arthritis or damage to your joint can have an impact on whether it’s right for you.

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