Patient testimonials

  • "I’m writing to thank you and your team for the opportunity you have given my mum. At 92, I’m not sure every surgeon would have had the same philosophy as yours and I am so very grateful to you for prioritising my mum for her hip replacement surgery. She is doing really well from what I can tell as a non-medic, and I hope when you or Dr Kumar see her in June you will see that improvement too. Thank you for believing in the possible."

    Lisa & Daphne
  • Mr Shah patient testimonial

    "I could not have been gifted with a better surgeon and am so thankful to Mr Nirav Shah. Mr Shah was professional and treated me with the utmost care and attention. The whole process was faultless."

    Ms Edwards
  • Testimonial Mr Nirav Shah

    "I know you must have spent many years learning your skills and refining them. I would like to say how I appreciate them and thank you."

    Mrs Doherty
  • "It is now 10 months since my operation and the difference is amazing. I no longer have any pain in my hip or indeed either knee. I can walk and cycle and play golf like I did when I was younger (unfortunately my golfing handicap is still as bad!). It has totally changed my life."

    Mr Scott
  • “It’s just over eight months since Mr Shah gave me my second new hip ( I now have a matching pair). Mr Shah also gave me my first hip three years ago, and both times the care I was given by Mr Shah and his team at Goring Hall was wonderful."

    Mrs Platt
  • "Words are not enough but thank you. You have no idea what you have done for me and my family. Please thank your team and everyone at St Richard's Hospital."

  • Knee replacement testimonial

    "Following surgery, I was desperate to get back to the sports that I had enjoyed previously and threw myself into physio – which I must say was not easy. The reward – skiing in December that year and completing the Brighton Half Marathon the following February."

    Mrs Des Moulins
  • Patient testimonial

    "Thank you so much for your care and expertise prior and during the operation. I am making excellent progress. I appreciate the fact that I never felt like a number on your operation list but a patient you cared about."

    Mrs Hunt
  • "Thanks to your wonderful skill and excellent care, I am now fully recovered and pain-free, ready to start another chapter in my life."

    Mrs Green
  • "I would like to thank you so much for operating on me and giving me a new hip – I cannot thank you enough – my life has changed so much already. My new hip feels amazing."

    Ms Edwards
  • "It is now a year on, and I am delighted with the result being able to garden and go for long walks. I have even started running again, inspired by the 2.6 challenge to support the charities hit by the cancellation of the marathons due to Covid-19. Thank you, Mr Shah and your team, I am so grateful for getting back my old active life again."

    Mrs Bourke
  • "Just a note to thank you for the operation on my knee which has been such a wonderful success. You are a very talented surgeon, and I cannot thank you enough."

    Mrs Skyes
  • "My new knee you gave me is still working well. You made me feel so comfortable through the operation."

    Mrs Hardgrave-Wright
  • "I'm pleased to tell you I'm well and fairly active, being in the garden quite a lot, walking up and down."

    Lady Best
  • "Thank you for giving my left-side mobility back. It is an amazing re-entering into life."

    Mrs Propper
  • "I do thank my lucky stars that our paths crossed even in these unfortunate circumstances."

    Mrs Berliner
  • “I was in terrible pain and housebound before my fantastic life-changing hip replacement. I went back to work three weeks after surgery with a new lease of life."

    Mrs Haddrell
  • Testimonial for Mr Nirav Shah

    "My thanks to you and all the staff engaged in my excellent care. I look forward to seeing you at my next appointment."

    Mrs Hill
  • Orthopaedic testimonial

    "By April I was able to walk 8 miles to the bluebell woods, was soon back on my bike, cycling every day, and swam for the first time in the sea."

    Mrs Culshaw
  • Hip arthroscopy testimonial

    "My first appointment with Mr Shah was such a relief. He took time listening to my problem and was the first person I had seen who acknowledged the pain I had been experiencing and gave me hope that he could rectify my situation."

    Mrs Frost
  • "I do not need a stick now and am out of pain for the first time in thirteen years in my left hip."

    Mrs Alford
  • Testimonials

    "It has now been 10 months since my operation, and I have no pain in my knee which means I am able to do so many things without pain. I am able to walk, cycle, swim and do all the things more easily rather than struggling as I did before. I would have no hesitation in recommending Mr Shah to all those people who have any kind of joint pain.”

    Mr Bowles
  • "Thank you for giving me my life back - I managed 12kms both days and we walked the whole Malvern Ridge, which was the goal I had set myself last October!"

    Mrs Morris
  • "This New Year I shall be able to shout 'hip hip' hooray without pain. Thank you so much."

    Mr Richards
  • "I've chosen to message you now because my hips (and I) have just returned from the trip of a lifetime after completing a four day trek on the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in Peru. It's been a dream that I never thought I'd be able to achieve - but with your fantastic gift to me, I was able to conquer it. I cannot thank you enough for what you have enabled me to do and how I now have no obstacles in the way of doing what I want to do. I promise to look after them for years to come."

    Mrs Doughty
  • “On summit of Moel Hebog Snowdonia, thanks to you (Rhonda) and Mr Shah.”

    Miss Cannon
  • "Words can't really express enough as to how very grateful both myself and my family are to you for how you have helped me so far. Without brilliant people like you, people like me wouldn't be able to lead a normal life."

    Mrs Wells
  • "I am nearly 11 weeks post-surgery now and the new hip seems to be working very well and I am back to all normal activities including playing a full round of golf."

    Dr Clifford-Jones (retired Consultant Neurologist)
  • "I am writing to say how grateful I am for my new ceramic replacement hip, enabling me to now walk again without pain, and with a new lease of life."

    Mrs Tree
  • "There has been no pain with the replaced knee and I have been able to bowl off my usual run. There have been no problems with batting. I can’t wait until the start of the 2019 season!”

    Mr Milner
  • "I wanted to thank you for everything you did to make my hip replacement a great success. After only three weeks I am already moving about well and the pain is much reduced."

    Mr Toner
  • Hip replacement testimonial

    "Fast forward just over a year and I am amazed and blown away with how this has changed my life. Not only am I back in the gym stronger and more mobile than before my op I am moving so much better and even horse riding and pole dancing! Mr Shah has given me my life back – I can’t ask for much more than that!”

    Mrs Roberts
  • "I am delighted with the virtual freedom from pain already evident and now look forward with confidence to regaining full mobility once again."

    Mr Farquhar
  • Hip replacement feedback

    "I cannot thank Mr Shah and his team enough, I am now pain free and competing in motorcycle trials again – something I had to give up four years ago when the arthritis caused too much pain and a drastic lack in the range of movement in my hip. I feel the operation was a complete success and I will forever be grateful to Mr Shah for his expertise."

    Mr Franks
  • "I go to the gym 5 x week, do 2 spin classes and try to cycle on the weekend. A couple of weeks ago, I cycled to Brighton and back (including hills) and clocked up 48 miles."

    Mrs Kjellberg
  • Orthopaedic testimonial

    "I would like to convey my grateful thanks to Mr Shah and his super team for making all this possible, and I will definitely be asking if Mr Shah can replace my right hip when necessary.”

    Ms Goodall
  • "I cannot express my thanks for your skill and surgical expertise. The return of mobility without ibuprofen is a lovely situation to be in once again."

    Mr Wick
  • Mrs Limmer

    "Many people have commented on my excellent recovery, especially considering my age, which must be due to your skill and care."

    Mrs Limmer
  • Hip replacement review

    “I am so delighted with my total hip replacement. I made a rapid recovery with very little pain and no post-operative complications thanks to the expertise of Mr Shah. I was walking pain free after only two weeks and without the need of walking sticks.

    My quality of life has dramatically improved after suffering from debilitating arthritis for many years. I can now return to my former active life such as walking on the South Downs, bike riding and looking after my young grandson.”

    Mrs Train
  • Orthopaedic surgeon West Sussex testimonial

    "Another pain free year! Thank you for changing my life. All best wishes for 2018."

    Mrs Ralfe
  • "Thank you for my new pain free hips. I cannot wait for bowling season again.”

    Mrs Page
  • Orthopaedic surgeon Sussex testimonial

    "My hip replacement is still great!! Thank you: a grateful ex-patient."

    Mrs Thornton
  • Orthopaedic testimonial

    "You are such a dedicated and highly skilled surgeon and I am so pleased you undertook my hip surgery on both occasions."

    Mrs Orme
  • Orthopaedic testimonial

    "I am now almost pain free and am feeling so much better as a result."

    Mrs Beaumont
  • Orthopaedic testimonial

    "Your care and attention was second to none and I appreciate everything you have done for me before and after my hip replacement."

    Mrs Richards
  • "Just a note to say thank you for giving me my life back! Three years post op and my hip is amazing."

    Mrs Clegg
  • Orthopaedic testimonial

    "Please enjoy the enclosed with your tea/coffee in appreciation of the wonderful care I received during and after my hip operation."

    Mr South
  • Double knee replacement testimonial

    "It is very difficult to express in words how grateful I am with my family for the recommendation by our GP Dr Thompson to Mr Shah and the incredible work he carried out on my legs."

    Mr Colbourne
  • Orthopaedic testimonial

    "Thanks to you all, I am on my way to getting my life back."

    Mrs Smith
  • Orthopaedic testimonial

    "Thank you so much for all your kindness and expertise on the knee replacement of my left leg."

    Mrs Newnham
  • Orthopaedic testimonial

    "Thank you so much for giving me my lifestyle and independence back."

    Mrs Mckie
  • Orthopaedic testimonial

    "I really did want to express my sincere thanks for my 'brand new – fully working" ceramic hip!!

    Although quite early into recovery I can already feel a difference."

    Miss Walmsley
  • Hip replacement testimonial

    "I am now 14 weeks post-surgery and feel really good. My husband and I are off shortly on holiday to Rwanda, Gorilla Trekking, I wouldn’t have been able to think about going on this holiday before Mr Shah worked his magic on me.”

    Mrs Platt
  • Orthopaedic testimonial

    "You have changed my life. I'm able to undertake day to day living without any pain, and walk further than I have in a very very long time."

    Mrs Carter
  • “I am sitting here with Mum enjoying Christmas. Mum is staying with us this year, last year she could hardly walk, this year she walked up the path and into my house. Thank you so much for both Mum's hip and knee. Her progress is remarkable and has given her a new lease of life.”

    Mr Day
  • "I am still progressing (slowly) but when I look back to the day I left Goring Hall Hospital I am so very much better now – thanks to you."

    Mrs Cornford
  • Orthopaedic surgery testimonial

    "During the whole process, Mr Shah has always been very clear and precise in his evaluations and information towards what to expect and how we could proceed with the next step. He has never pushed for any decision and always gave me time to think and evaluate the situation."

    Mrs Fast
  • "Since the operation I have followed the exercise regime diligently and the speed of recovery far exceeded my expectations. After three and a half weeks I was able to visit a restaurant without a stick, walking a distance of two miles."

    Mr Hillier
  • Orthopaedic testimonial

    "I am amazed how you have returned my leg length to normal and realise how complex the whole surgery was."

    Mrs Kelly
  • Testimonial Mrs Rand

    "Thank you for the mobility I now have, making such a difference to my life, daily activities and independence."

    Mrs Rand
  • Double hip replacement testimonial

    "I had both hips replaced over a period of a couple of years and can honestly say I have not looked back. Mr Shah did a brilliant job. I have resumed all the sports activities I enjoy, have completed a 26 mile charity hike, regularly cycle and walk with the family and am booked to complete my first Tough Mudder challenge in September 2017."

    Ms Edwards
  • Testimonial Mrs Culshaw

    "Come the spring, with my new hip, I hope to be cycling up to the bluebell woods once more."

    Mrs Culshaw
  • Hip replacement testimonial

    "On the 9th June 2017, I had my right hip replaced by Mr Shah. Again, the operation was very successful. Fast forward six weeks and I was walking totally unaided and am pain free."

    Mrs Orme
  • "I am now already walking normally again – much freer than before the op – and I am almost completely ache free."

    Mr Lambert
  • Testimonial Miss Fenton

    "Thank you for fixing my hip – I'm so grateful to have a new lease of life @ 45 years old."

    Miss Fenton
  • Testimonial Mrs Tugwell

    "Thank you very much for all your care and kindness, and wonderful treatment."

    Mrs Tugwell
  • Knee replacement testimonial

    "After being referred to Mr Shah he agreed to replace both knees, three months apart. At the time it seemed a long recovery period, but now 18 months later my level of fitness has improved so much that I am taking part in a sponsored trek in Morocco next June."

    Mrs Stanley
  • Testimonial Mrs Tidey

    "It's fantastic being pain free. Thank you. Really enjoying retirement and life."

    Mrs Tidey
  • Testimonial Mrs Willard

    "May I take this opportunity to say thank you for your brilliant surgery and excellent care from your team at Goring Hall Hospital."

    Mrs Willard
  • Double hip replacement testimonial

    "I now feel three inches taller I stand upright I can bend much easier and I can walk forever. Life is good! Many thanks to Mr Shah and his team."

    Mr Martin
  • Testimonial Mrs Lowe

    "Thank you so very much for my hip replacement on the 5th January. I am almost pain free!"

    Mrs Lowe
  • Testimonial Mrs Dowell

    "I am writing to you to thank you very much for your kindness and excellent work you have given me."

    Mrs Dowell
  • Testimonial Mrs Smart

    "I want to say a big "THANK YOU" to you and your staff for the help and care given to me."

    Mrs Smart
  • Orthopaedic testimonial

    "Thank you for the wonderful operation you performed on my hip last January. It has been very successful, and I have had a very welcome return to full mobility."

    Mrs Taylor
  • Testimonial Mr Oakley

    "He replaced the replacement which went very well and I'm able to walk easier and my leg now bends. Well done. We also introduced our son to Mr Shah and he has replaced his hip."

    Mr Oakley
  • Testimonial Mrs Mander

    "I would like to thank you and say how pleased I am with my new hip, also to thank you for helping me so quickly with the problem with my knee. The improvement with my knee now enables me to exercise my hip without the pain from my knee. So again thank you very much."

    Mrs Manders
  • Testimonial Miss Slaughter

    "Thank you for everything you have done for me. The help, support and care was very much appreciated during my stay on the day ward."

    Miss Slaughter
  • Hip replacement testimonial

    "I would summarise my life now as being pain free. I have renewed optimism for the future."

    Mr Clarke
  • Testimonial Mr Forbes

    "Can I just say a huge thank you to yourself and all the wonderful staff at Goring Hall for the superb care and treatment before, during and after my hip replacement operation."

    Mr Forbes
  • Testimonial Mrs Grantham

    "I want to say thank you for doing that op, and tell you what a difference it has made in my life. I go to an exercise group for over-55s and can now walk the length of the hall on the balls of my feet, which I haven't been able to do for some 40 years."

    Mrs Grantham
  • Orthopaedic patient testimonial

    "18 months down the line, I cannot express strongly enough how delighted and relieved I am with my levels of physical fitness. I honestly haven't felt so fit, energetic and strong for years."

    Mrs Ambrose
  • Orthopaedic testimonial

    "Two years on I feel completely physically restored, I have won a cup for tennis this year and I am in another final to be played this month. At one time I thought I would never be able to play again."

    Mrs Ellis
  • Total hip replacement testimonial

    "I'm planning on going skiing this winter, which was unthinkable at the beginning of last year. My lifestyle is vastly different – the constant pain is no longer there and I'm doing very well."

    Mr Lowe
  • Orthopaedic testimonial

    "My new hip is wonderful. It has been a busy year but with thanks to you I have achieved all that I needed to do and much more."

    Mrs Caplin
  • Joint replacement testimonial

    "I am truly amazed at the improvement to my life after my total hip replacement – I am now back to cycling off-road regularly and can handle a 25-mile hard ride comfortably."

    Mr Mowlem
  • "My hip is amazing, I've had another year of no pain and no problems. Thank you."

    Mrs Ralfe
  • "Thank you so much Mr Shah for your expertise, knowledge, patience, understanding and excellent care and above all giving me my life back!"

    Mrs Morris
  • Orthopaedic testimonial

    "I have always been fit and healthy so my whole surgical diagnosis, steady deterioration and ultimate surgery under your expert care and attention was a life changing event."

    Mr Haywood
  • Mr Arnold orthopaedic testimonial

    "Being keen dancers, Ballroom, Latin and Rock 'n Roll Jive, my wife and I are very grateful to Mr Shah for giving me back the pain free mobility of my earlier years enabling us to continue to pursue the hobby we enjoy so much. Mr Shah thank you very much."

    Mr Arnold
  • Orthopaedic testimonial

    "Mr Shah (and his secretary) have always been very kind and I am extremely confident in the knowledge that he has always given me the very best of care."

    Mrs Wells
  • Mrs Daniel orthopaedic testimonial

    "Apart from being a highly skilled surgeon he is a kind and approachable man and who was around every day during my recovery."

    Mrs Daniel
  • orthopaedic testimonial

    "I cannot stress how helpful, efficient and knowledgeable the team were."

    Mr Hedge
  • Orthopaedic testimonials

    "I have been most happy to have been treated by you for your expertise and kindness."

    Mr Selley
  • Patient testimonial Mr Simpson

    "Many thanks for my hip replacement. I will always be grateful to you for your kindness and understanding pre and post operation."

    Mr Simpson
  • Patient testimonial Mr Turner

    "Thanks to you and your excellent team, I am progressing well and looking forward to a full recovery"

    Mr Turner
  • Patient testimonial Mrs Stanley

    "I want to say a big thank you to you and your team for looking after me during my two knee replacements. I know it is a routine operation to you but it will be life changing for me."

    Mrs Stanley
  • Patient testimonial Mr Hall

    "I would like to take this opportunity of thanking you and ALL your team for all that you have done. I felt that I could not have been in more safe and caring hands."

    Mr Hall
  • Patient testimonial Mrs Irvine

    "I'd like to thank you so much for operating on my hip. It's given me back my quality of life – no pain. Brilliant!"

    Mrs Irvine
  • Patient testimonial Mr Harmston

    "The improvement I have noticed has been immediate, dramatic and a very significant benefit to my well-being."

    Mr Harmston
  • Patient testimonial Mrs Ashford

    "You have done something quite amazing and I am so thrilled with the result and shall always be grateful to you."

    Mrs Ashford
  • Patient testimonial Mrs Osborn

    "Thank you so much Mr Shah, for my hip replacements, and for all the kindness and consideration given to me, by you, and the staff at Goring Hall Hospital."

    Mrs Osborn
  • Patient testimonial Mrs Zeglam

    "I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the care you have given me during and after my operation."

    Mrs Zeglam
  • Orthopaedic patient testimonial

    "A small note of great thanks for the op. Life improves every day."

    Mrs Slade
  • Orthopaedic patient testimonial

    "Just a short note to say a big thank you! For all your skill and care during my recent hip replacement."

    Mr Hallissey
  • Orthopaedic patient testimonial

    "I write briefly to thank you very much for the hip revision operation which you performed with such skill and precision on the 29th November, allowing me to retain considerable muscle power in the operated leg."

    Mr Redston
  • Orthopaedic patient testimonial

    "I take this opportunity to once again express my gratitude to yourself and the staff at Goring Hall Hospital for the kindness, care and courtesy received both before and following my hip replacement."

    Mrs Coe
  • Orthopaedic patient testimonial

    "Thank you so much for giving me my life back entirely free of pain."

    Mrs Phillips
  • Orthopaedic patient testimonial

    "Thank you Mr Shah for putting me back together again after my fall in April. I think you are a truly amazing surgeon, and kind, also."

    Mrs Bates
  • Orthopaedic patient testimonial

    "I must write and tell you that I have now restarted gym classes and my 'new' hip does everything as easily and efficiently as the old one. I am delighted and I'm sure you will be too."

    Mrs Ford
  • "Just a short note to wish you every success and happiness in future years and to thank you most sincerely for your care and expertise when operating on my knee and hip. Also to thank the whole team in Ilex Ward for their superb care."

    Mrs Mackenzie
  • "Just a note in appreciation of all you have done for me – it is wonderful to have a stable knee once more."

    Mrs Parsons
  • Orthopaedic patient testimonial

    "Thank you all! Mr N Shah, consultant orthopaedic surgeon and your team of dedicated and committed peoples for the excellent treatment and care I have received."

    Mrs Hoilette
  • Patient testimonial Mr Percival

    "I would like to thank you very much for taking such good care of me and for treating me at Goring Hall. I am doing the exercises you suggested and making good progress."

    Mr Percival

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