Joan – hip replacement

Joan was suffering from pain in her right hip when she was referred to Mr Nirav Shah. This was affecting day-to-day life as well as Joan’s ability to get a good night’s sleep. An MRI scan identified arthritis as the cause of Joan’s symptoms, which had led to the irreversible deterioration of her hip joint.

Joint preserving treatment wasn’t an option, so Mr Shah recommended a total hip replacement. Joan has made an excellent recovery from her surgery, and we were thrilled to receive this video of her hitting the tennis courts.

“I have always been physically active – playing tennis, hiking, skiing etc. I am also still working part-time as a trainer of new teachers, which involves much commuter travel. During 2018, I began to experience back-ache from time to time, but my real problems started late in 2018 when my right hip suddenly started to give way, painfully and without warning. This was a complete nightmare as it made working very difficult indeed and sport pretty well impossible. Increasingly I was kept awake at night by nagging pain. I guess that the human body is not designed to play tennis for over 60 years.

I saw Mr Shah, had an MRI scan, and was told that a total hip replacement was needed. This was a bit of a shock, as I had naively hoped that a cortisone injection might solve the problem.

My operation was late in February 2019. I was treated very well throughout and felt complete confidence in Mr Shah and his team. I slept well from day 1, completely free of the pain which had kept me awake. I did the recommended exercises every day without fail, and recovered pleasingly quickly. I went back to work after four months, and easily coped with the travel. I started playing tennis seven months after the operation, carefully at first but very confidently now. We had planned to ski after my 12-month anniversary but my husband became ill. So that is planned for 2021.

I scarcely think now about the fact that I have a new hip. There is absolutely no pain there (or in my back). It is brilliant!”

Joan Stephens

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