Medico-legal practice

Mr Nirav Shah has undertaken medico-legal work for over 15 years. In his role as an expert witness, he uses his extensive experience of trauma and orthopaedics to support both claimants and defendants.

Mr Shah has undergone dedicated training in this specialist area and written over 500 medico-legal reports. He provides assessments and reports for a range of conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system, including fractures and soft tissue injuries.

He is accredited and associated with a number of organisations, including the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) and MAPS Medical Reporting. He is also an expert panel member for Speed Medical – the UK’s leading medical reporting and rehabilitation provider.

Medico-legal treatment

Once we receive a medico-legal referral, we aim to see the patient within two weeks. Providing we have all the necessary documents and imaging, Mr Shah will provide his report within 3–4 weeks.

Following an initial assessment, Mr Shah will advise if further diagnostics or treatment is required. Orthopaedic treatments provided by Mr Shah include cortisone injections, arthroscopy and joint replacement.

James Mellish was referred to Mr Shah by his solicitor after he was involved in an accident. He had already received some treatment for an injury to his left knee, but he was making slow progress.

Mr Shah assessed James’s injuries and recommended a total knee replacement, which was carried out at Goring Hall Hospital. Following his surgery, James has made an excellent recovery and finally regained his independence.

Fees for medico-legal work vary according to the complexity of the case. For more information, please contact Rhonda Rosier at Goring Hall Hospital on 01903 707373.

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